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FAQ - Net Education Design


Where can I find the regulatory requirments for courses?

The requirements are in the state code, which can be referenced in the  Resources Menu  on the Front page of the website.



Can a course be approved retroactively?

Yes, a course can be approved retroactively.  However, doing so requires evidence that the course meet all stated requirments for approved courses. 

This question often arises from licensed therapists who have taken an unapproved course, and are hopeful of obtaining continuing education credit for the unapproved course  Approval will depending on cooperation by the course provider to provide materials to necessary to document that the course met state standards for approved courses.

Is a bibliography ncesessary?

Yes.  In California, a bibliography is required as part of any approved condinuing education course. (1399.96 Standards for Approved Providers).  The law does not specify the length of the bibliography, the style, or that the text of a course must be annotated.  In short, a simple list of pertinent references will suffice.

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